A few Pictures of the Course

What's On Sat 4th July - Sun 12th July

4th Sa Infirmary Cup (G) Spring Stableford (L)

5th Su Vaux Cup Singles Medal (G) / Jack Dawson Memorial (L)

6th Mo

7th Tu Todd Trophy (L) 9.00-10.00 & 4.15-4.30pm

8th We

9th Th Junior Team Match 5. 50 pm - 19-10 pm

10th Fr

11th Sa Gents 4BBB Open / Junior H /Cap Shield 2.00pm - 3.00pm

12 Su Palm Beach 4BBB Stableford (G) / EWGA Medal (L)

Clubhouse Reopening

Well the big day is upon us I am happy to inform you that the clubhouse will be open on Saturday 4th of July also the locker rooms (Not for cleaning shoes) with certain government guidelines.

1. The corridor behind bar will be closed with access for staff only. Entry to the clubhouse will be via the patio doors.
2. Please follow the one way system and the marked out areas when in the clubhouse.
3. Please use the hand sanitizer at the entrance.
4 Please follow the signs and guidelines for service at the bar minimum 1mtr distancing will be in effect.
5. Only one person allowed in the Gents / Ladies Toilets at any one time
6. Please wash your hands at all times.
7 All visitors must use the COVID 19 Track and Trace log in sheet. All Members must use their bar cards. Visitor Payments will be either by cash or credit cards preferable credit cards.

We have a new beer stock that has just been delivered enjoy your weekend.



Message from Captain

Apologies for the mass email but as the intended recipient is as yet unknown I have no other option.
My usual Friday rant was not needed last week but unfortunately, a Monday one is. Sunday was an extremely difficult day for golf as you were no doubt aware. Conditions for the second round of the Handicap Bowl were testing to say the least. As this is one of the main Club competitions the only players on the course were obviously members I was amazed and disappointed that someone would decide that it was appropriate to clean their golf shoes in the upstairs gent toilet sink!!
The place was left an absolute mess and its unfair that staff had to clean this up after an act of pure selfishness by a member of the Club. These facilities are not to be used for cleaning golf shoes.


Club Championship Entries

Club Championship Entries 29th July for players with handicaps of 9 or under. Entry List is now on Captains Board in the gent's locker room.

The draw will be made on Monday the 23rd July

Thank you

K. Farrer





Message from the Captain
Captain's Exchange Day - Saturday 15th August 2020
This is going ahead on 15th August as planned, however there will be one or two changes due to the current situation.

Unfortunately it would be difficult to provide transport due to distancing rules while travelling. This would make it financially unrealistic I'm afraid.

I'm still looking at a party of about 30 players, members who registered an initial interest will obviously will have preference at this stage.

If you were on this list can you please confirm that you still wish to attend, or, let me know if you no longer wish to go so I can open it up to others.

If this can be done ASAP I would be very grateful as you can appreciate I have to firm up arrangements with Whitby Golf Club.

The work on the kitchen at Whitby will be completed so food will be available, I hope to get a menu so we can pre order to help with any catering arrangements


Steve Belchamber







Club News - Various Friday 26th July 2020
Message from Competition/Handicaps
The following competitions will replace the monthly medals as qualfiers for the above competitions.
H/Cap bowl rounds 1 and 2
Lady Captains Prize
Infirmary Cup
Robson Shield Qualifier
Vaux Cup
Gordon Farrow/Sam Dudley

For the Doug Howe Order of Merit the first 10 players will receive points.

For Gordon Farrow Trophy the first 3 players of those preceding competitions will qualify and the remaining members will play for the Sam Dudley

Keith Farrer

Presidents Putter 21st June - Result
1st A Douglas 6 up
2nd J. Mackenzie 4 up on countback
3rd R. Brown 4 up

12 x 2's @ £9.90 each
P.Glaister, J. Gillon, S. Hunter, S. Coxon, P. Adamson, J. Mackenzie, R. Blundell, G. Andrews, I. Huntley,
C. Powell, A. Rutter, I. Graham.

Handicap Decreases
A. Douglas 20.2 to 18.2
J.Mackenzie 12 to 11
R. Brown 12.5 to 11.5 (12)






Guidance for tomorrows Comp

We will be utilising the touch screen computers in the pro shop and clubhouse for sign in and score entry. Hand and screen sanitiser will be provided and must be used by everyone before and after touching the screen.
Members will mark their own cards and sign as true and correct. They should be verbally validated with your playing partner but cards must NOT be exchanged at all.
Scores not entered into the computer will not be counted for the competitions - no exceptions!
Completed cards must be posted into the competitions box. They will not be handled for 48 hours and only then with the use of gloves.
Current social distancing guidelines remain in place
do not touch the flag
bunkers have no rakes and players may take preferred lies within the bunker

In addition the current daily booking system will remain in place until further notice. We have taken the opportunity to extend the advance booking up to 7 days (from 3) and this came into effect from Monday 15th June.





Visitors and Guests

Visitors and Guests will be allowed from Monday 15th June and must book in via the office even with a member, and also inform us to which club they are members if any.

The Monday Open Stablefords are cancelled for the rest of the season.

The following Opens will go ahead,

Senior 4 Man Texas Scramble Thurs 2nd July,

Gents 4BBB Open Sat 11th July,

Calvert's Electrical Open, Sat 12th Sep

Gents 4 Man Texas Scramble Sat 19th Sept

The first Competition will be on Wednesday 17th June and will be a Midweek Medal. The starting sheet is now LIVE.

Please contact the office if you have any queries.

The New County Cards Are Available from the Office if you require one.

Thank You

Club competitions to resume with midweek medal on 17th June. 


Replace monthly medals and use spaces in diary to play competitions lost due to lockdown.

Remainder of diary to run as scheduled.

Knockouts to start but remember you must book your start time. We will try to be as flexible as possible with play by dates. The sheets are in the golf shop until further notice.

New dates includes ladies competitions

21st June  

President's Putter/Gordon Farrow Putter

4th July

Infirmary Cup/Spring Stableford

18th July Lady Captains Prize/Captains Prize

19th July Robson Shield/ RNLI Spoons

1st Aug Captains Day/Ladies 4 BBBB

2nd Aug Middleton Cup/Forster Cup

29th Aug Walter Bryant/Wearside Cup(rearranged from 12th Sep)

30th Aug Westwood Cup

5th Sep Harold Gregg

12th Sep Calvert's Open

3rd Oct Bob Pearson

10th Oct Finals Day

Date for Robson Shield finals tba







North Durham Union Golf Club – KO TROPHY


WEARSIDE   V     CLS            (   Away  )              



Date:  9th  Day: Tuesday      Time:  5.00pm  


Dean Taylor            4         Brian Nelson         3       Lost 3&2

Sean Hixon              7       David Wilkinson     5       Lost 2 & 1

Neil Harrison          4        James Lusk           6       Lost  2 & 1

Graham Fromme   6        Andy Carrington    4       Lost  7&6

David Vest              0        Will Nimo                0       Lost2 UP




Trevor Peat             5


John Napier            6



Further to KO Competitions Message

If you are unable to remember who you were drawn against in the previously published draws a copy of them will be made available tomorrow in the Pro Shop for your reference

Please do not ring the office as they do not have the sheets.


Knockout Guidelines

Jun 8, 2020

Knockout Guidelines
Matches in these competitions can now be played.

Rules regarding play from the bunkers must be agreed from all players on the first tee before all matches.

Players must follow all advice previously given with reference to Covid 19.

Play will be from the yellow tee's unless white tee's markers are in play.

Matches must book a tee time via the current system and not just turn up on the tee.

The Office



Supplementary Scores
The club will now accept supplementary scores, especially to help new members or members whose handicaps have become inactive.

Play from the yellow discs If playing 9 holes then 6 cards will need to be submitted.

If you are a new member and have had a handicap from a previous club please let myself or the office know so we can access your previous CDH number.

There is no need to have your card signed by your playing partner but you can write their name on the card yourself. Post your cards in the competition box and the competition secretary will enter the score.

K Farrer
Handicap Secretary



White Tee's
Members are advised they MUST NOT tee off the white tees at any time and only use the yellow discs for gentlemen, red discs for ladies and blue for juniors.



how to book / club info


IF YOU ARE RINGING IN ON Monday to Friday contact the office via telephone between 9.00am and 4.00pm

IF YOU ARE RING IN ON Saturday OR Sunday contact the Pro Shop

Booking sheets for 3 days ahead is designed to have a fair distribution of times to all members.

Can we respectfully remind members that at present we are only playing 9 holes this will afford the greenstaff an opportunity to try and catch up on their work without hindrance -please give way to the greenstaff where possible this situation should be well received over the next few days.

As the response from members has been as dignified and considerate as expected we will trial the return of
18 hole golf for Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th May. However, to comply with England Golf/Government guidelines 2 BALLS ONLY and booking through the office remains compulsory until we are advised otherwise.

On Friday 15th May …starting sheets will be available for Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th bookings

We have had a couple of requests to extend the hours of play - this will be considered if and when it is safe to do so.

The practice facilities will not reopen until we receive permission from England Golf.

Please note at the moment there are no visitors and no hire buggies (members ride on buggies only)

As the clubhouse and locker rooms will not always be open PLEASE ARRANGE TO COLLECT YOUR CLUBS FROM THE LOCKER ROOM ASAP AND KEEP THEM AT HOME.






England Golf UpdatevA letter from our CEO

27 May 2020

There’s been so many positive stories around the game of golf in the past two weeks that it’s hard to know where to begin.


With very few exceptions, the safety measures put in place for golf’s return have been embraced by golfers and golf clubs across England.


The ‘course closed’ signs have been replaced by news of full tee sheets.


We have witnessed a rise in membership rather than a drop off and last week we were delighted to bring you news of financial aid for clubs in the shape of The R&A’s Covid-19 Support Fund.


On a personal level, I’d almost forgotten how good it felt to be up with the lark and out on the golf course.


Although I was behind most of the golfers in England on this one, it was still a great feeling to be back out at Marlborough Golf Club last week for the first time in months.


Hats off to the greenkeepers for their work! The course was in great nick.


After being checked in by my lifelong pal and Head Pro Simon, I’m pleased to say that the new procedures in place to allow us all to ‘Play Safe, Stay Safe’ worked like clockwork.


Like many, I anticipated teething problems under the new guidelines. Yet the vast majority of golfers and clubs have seamlessly returned to playing and any problems have been quickly ironed out.


Clear guidelines have helped, but golfers and clubs alike have “stepped up”, taken  responsibility and applied the unwritten rule of common sense to their actions.


We have been contacted by many happy golfers extolling the virtues of social rounds as well as zipping round their course in under three hours.


There have also been a great number of enquiries about when clubs may return to three and four ball play outside of household groups.


I empathise with this request and understand the point, sharing the frustrations of golfers and clubs.


Social distancing can still be achieved in fourball golf not to mention the freeing up of precious tee times, allowing clubs to welcome back guests and visitor green fee income.


But as we are all aware, the protection of public health must continue to be our key priority.


With no specific government rules for golf, the guidelines exist for outdoor recreation as a whole. Any change will be a change for everyone that we would then apply to golf.


Please rest assured we will continue to constructively and passionately promote a speedy, safe return to increased playing numbers as quickly as possible.


An additional pressure on golf clubs at the moment is a welcome one… creating space for new members.


It’s been wonderful to hear news of lapsed members returning to the game or newcomers embracing the fact that golf is one of the healthiest and safest sports around.


On average, each club we have spoken to has recruited a minimum of 15 new members over the first two weeks of golf’s return. 


It’s great news that many core values of golf club membership - camaraderie, freedom to play and a sense of belonging - once again have new meaning!


Looking to maximise this new membership momentum, we will soon be reaching out to all clubs with our national membership growth campaign which will be adaptable to suit clubs of all sizes.


We will also be communicating criteria for clubs to apply for our Covid-19 Support Fund, so please keep an eye out for further details over the coming weeks.


In among the good and positive feelings, I also want to convey our understanding of the financial strain on golf clubs that have re-opened.


You will have heard me speak before of the increased expenditure without many income streams for example bar and restaurant, function fees and retail. In many cases, these are secondary to subscription income, but just as essential to balancing the books.


With this in mind, I again ask that we keep the faith. This time, of course, the light we head towards is brighter, but still a little way off.


Golf as a sport is shining and, in no small way, that's thanks to you!


And, of course, to all golfers who enjoy “a good walk spoiled” I’d say lap up the sunshine and a continued return to playing the game we love.


Jeremy Tomlinson

Chief Executive, England Golf


May 12, 2020


• Social golf 9 HOLES ONLY FROM 1ST AND 10TH at present, there will be no competitive golf and all live competition start sheets in May and June are void.
• Play by booking a time slot via the club office 0191 5342518 DURING OFFICE HOURS.
• Only 1 telephone call can book a maximum of 2 named players with a maximum of 3 days in advance.
• Tee opens 7.00am for first tee off and 7.00pm for last tee time every day .
• Arrive at the course no more than 20 minutes prior to reserved tee time.
• Observe social distancing ALWAYS and do not mingle. Maintain two-metre exclusion zone.
• Arrange golf attire and change footwear at your car
• Groups restricted to 2 players maximum, at 10 minute intervals
• Arrive at the 1st tee no more than 5 minutes prior to the reserved tee time.
• Clubhouse access is limited to locker rooms and toilets only.
• Post-round players must return straight to their cars.
• Member’s buggies only until further notice
• Members clubs and trolley need to be taken home with you after your round of golf.
• All practice areas ARE CLOSED i.e academy course, practice area and nets
• Do not use Ball Washers.
• Do not use bins
• Flagsticks to remain in the hole and must not be touched
• Putting green can only be used within your 10 minutes allotted tee time
• Bunker rakes have been removed, players to smooth sand with feet or club prior and after shot.
• Once a hole is completed, the group in front must have exited the tee box before players can progress to the next hole.
• Do not double back to play again if a ball is lost, unplayable, or in a penalty area
• Players must not pick another player’s equipment or golf ball.
• Do not approach staff on the course.