Wearside Golf Club News

Karen & Rob presenting members of staff from the Phoenix Unit, Sunderland Royal Hospital with the money from the Race Night and donations at which a grand total of £1235.00 was raised by members and friends of Wearside Golf Club.  Well done to everyone who attended.  A great night was had by all. 

Karen & Rob.

A big thank you to all the members and staff of Wearside Golf Club for the fantastic support you have given me over the last year.  I really can't thank you all enough.


Gents - Monthly Medals 2019

Div 1 (0-9)
1st W Edgar
2nd C Terris

Div 2 (10-18

1st G Summerside
2nd Darren Taylor

Div 3 (19-28)

1st S. O'Brien
2nd G Rait

Div 1
1st N Harrison
2nd R Jenkins

Div 2
1st David Hunter
2nd P Athey

Div 3
1st Dave Roberts
2nd D Whiteley

1st A. Sanders
2nd P.Glaister

Div 2
1st N Athey
2nd B Mullen

Div 3
1st R Cowan
2nd C. McGuire

Div 1
1st P Wilson
2nd S. Andrews

Div 2
1st Kevin Todd
2nd S Dowell

Div 3
1st R Cowan
2nd R Hanby

Div 1
1st L. Hall
2nd H. Walton

Div 2
1st D Baxter
2nd C Moon

Div 3
1st R Hanby
2nd John Young

Div 1
1st P Hood
2nd C. Mathieson

Div 2
1st J. Marshall
2nd M. Pearson

Div 3
1st J. Atkinson
2nd G. Butterworth

Div 1
1st Dean Taylor
2nd C. Mathieson

Div 2
1st D Barkess
2nd M Thompschan

Div 3
1st T Metcalfe
2nd M Donnelly

Gents Midweek Medals 2019
Midweek Medals 2019

Div 1 (0-9)
1st Neil Harrison
2nd D.H.Smith

Div 2 (10-18
1st C. Barrass
2nd E Patterson

Div 3 (19-28)
1st D. Cole
2nd G. McCluskey

Div 1
1st Cliff Terris
2nd Nigel.Smith

Div 2
1st R.Blundell
2nd N.Stothard

Div 3
1st David Whiteley
2nd David Wright

1st D. Hair
2nd D Vest

Div 2
1st Darren Taylor
2nd S. Ireland

Div 3
1st R Huggins
2nd P Robson

Div 1
1st D Vest
2nd K. Bradley

Div 2
1st M.T Taylor
2nd S. Lyndon

Div 3
1st T. Burns
2nd G. McCluskey

Div 1
1st P McComb
2nd C Mathieson

Div 2
1st D. Baxter
2nd G. Burt

Div 3
1st D. Luther
2nd T. Burns

Div 1
1st D. Vest
2nd D.H.Smith

Div 2
1st N Craigs
2nd M. Lumsdon

Div 3
1st G.R. Davison
2nd I.D. Spencer

Div 1
1st G Hope
2nd T Shotton

Div 2
1st R Parkinson
2nd Peter Henderson

Div 3
1st M Donnelly
2nd D Cole

Board Competitions 2019

Board Comps
Harold Gregg
1st A. Findlay / R. Douglas

2nd S. Coxon / P. Adamson

3rd J.Bell / J. Murray

Infirmary Cup
1st R. Jenkins

2nd B. Christie

3rd P. Glaister

Lady Captains Prize

1st GA Gunn

2nd C Lee

3rd Andrew Oliver

Middleton Cup

1st P Carrol/K Todd

2nd K. Moore / J. Dutton

3rd A. Greenhaigh / G Fromme

Presidents Putter
1st H Walton
2nd A. Dagg
3rd D Williams

Bob Pearson Trophy
1st A.Bell/D.Bell/G. Bell/ K. Laws
2nd M.Taylor./T Taylor/G Gibbon/G Gibbon
3rd J Bell /J Murray /Gary Hope/ C Mathieson

Robson Shield
1st Dean Taylor
2nd A. Sanders

1st B Dewar
2nd Martin Hopps

RNLI Spoons
1st B.Graham / I Graham
2nd P Kerry / S. Fenwick
3rd P. Brewster / C. Brewster

Westwood Cup
1st Joint First T Peat / K Bradley /Stableford Score
1st Joint First D. Bell / G. Bell Bogey Score
3rd I. Lumsdon / R. Tatters

Handicap Bowl
1st C Whitehill
2nd C. Barrass
3rd R.Cowan

Vaux Cup
1st P Baker
2nd G Andrews
3rd D. Goldsmith

Palm Beach Trophy
1st P Wilson / D. Jones
2nd D Hope/R. Hall
3rd E Patterson / J Murphy

Gordon Oliver Trophy
1st L. Hall / K. Moore / D. Barkess
2nd C. Brewster / P.B Brewster /A. Brewster
3rd D. Bell / A. Bell /G. Bell

Club Championship
1st R. Walker
2nd C. Terris
3rd David Vest

1st C. Terris


2nd Division Nett Championship
1st M Hopps
2nd G Weeks

3rd Division Nett Championship
1st M Donnelly
2nd D Luther

Senior Nett Championship
1st. B Bainbridge
2nd. S. Belchamber

Walter Bryant Trophy
1st M Calvert / J.P Calvert
2nd S. Belchamber / L Andrews
3rd G Andrews / N. Stothard

Wilkinson Cup
1st R. Brown / C Godfrey
2nd D. Baxter / M. Thompschan
3rd G. Hope / G Mathieson

Sam Dudley
1st S Cook
2nd W Edgar
3rd D Kerr

Harvey Craig
1st C.Craig / D. Jones
2nd Kevin Todd / Andrew Oliver

President Prize
1st Lee Hall
2nd Kevin Peters

S. J. Farrow Trophy
1st Dean Taylor
2nd W. Edgar

Alec Atkinson
1st T.G.Shotton/D.H.Smith
2nd E Patterson / R Lye

1st G.L. Smith
2nd K Hodson

Doug Howe Merit
1st P. Wilson

Guy Lloyd Tophy
1st Dean Taylor

Monument Trophy
1st S Ireland / P Robson
2nd K Bradley / H Walton
3rd L. Andrews / P. Trotter

Ladies & Mixed Competition Winners
Hunter Cup -1st Judith Alexander 2nd Gillian Pattterson
Speed Salver -1st S Cameron 2nd A Kirk
Morton Cup - 1st J Alexander 2nd G Patterson
Todd Trophy - 1st R Naisby 2nd L Lowes
Mary Robinson Memorial Trophy - 1st K Pedlington Lye 2nd S Cameron
Thompson Cup- 1st A Kirk / S Cameron 2nd M Porthouse / L Lowes
The Jack Dawson Memorial Trophy 1st L Lowes 2nd C Markem
Dawson Cup - 1st G Patterson 2nd J Alexander
Secretary's Shield - 1st K Pendlington Lye 2nd G Patterson
Wearside Cup - 1st J Alexander 2nd G Patterson
Captains Prize - 1st M Porthouse 2nd K Pendlington Lye

Storey Centenary Cup 1st Mr D Alexander / Mrs J Alexander 2nd Mr E. C. Patterson / Mrs G.E. Patterson
Mixed Foursomes Cup 1st Mr R Lye / Mrs K Pendlington Lye 2nd Mr E Patterson / Mrs G Patterson
Arthur Nixon Salver 1st Mr E. C. Patterson / Mrs G. E. Patterson 2nd Mr J Chaytor / Mrs L Lowes
Mixed Foursomes Medal 1st Mr J Chaytor / Mrs. L Lowes 2nd Mr D Alexander / Mrs J Alexander

Junior Competitions 2019
Junior Liason Officer's Trophy M. Hixon
Pro Junior Winter Competition D. Holgate
Junior Handicap Shield D. Holgate
Junior Club Champion M. Watson
Junior Col Wright Salver J. Pennal
Past Captains Junior Trophy D. Holgate
The Carol Dudley Trophy A. Gordon
Easter Divots E. Moon

Congu Monthly Medals
March 2019 J. Pennal
April 2019 S. Perrett
May 2019 D. Holgate
June 2019 O. Hancil
July 2019 S. Elves
August 2019 J. Pennal
September 2019 A. Gordon
October 2019 D. Holgate

Blue Tee Competitions
March Monthly Medal C Hancill
Past Captains Trophy C Hancill
Easter Divots C Hancill
April Monthly Medal M.Temple
May Monthly Medal L Greenwell
JLO Trophy L Greenwell
Junior Shield Handicap E. Holgate
July Monthly Medal O. O'Connor
July Monthly Medal O. O'Connor
Carole Dudley Cup C. Hancill
September Monthly Medal O. Hancill
Junior Captain's Prize C . Hacill
October Monthly Medal J. Willey












What's On Sat 16th - Sun 24th November

16 Sa Turkey Trot (G+L)

17 Su Winter League

18 Mo

19 Tu

20 We

21 Th

22 Fr

23 Sa Winter League / Presentation Night Clubhouse

24 Su Winter League

Tom Fleetham

It is with great regret and sadness that we announce the death of Thomas Fleetham on Tuesday 12th November 2019

Tom has been a member of Wearside Golf Club for many, years and will be greatly missed.

Funeral arrangements:- To be confirmed.

Postal Voting Open - 15th-30th Nov

Re : Articles of Association.
35. Voting at General Meetings.
(a) Subject to the provisions of these Articles and to the restrictions herein contained every member of the Club shall have a vote. Voting for the Officers and Committee members can be done by a closed ballot box in the presence of the Secretary or Secretary’s assistant between :-

15th November to 30th November 2019

During normal office hours (weekdays)
and between 10.00am 1.00pm ON WEEKENDS during this period.

Alternatively members can vote on the night at the A.G.M. on Wednesday 11th December.
All votes must be cast personally and not by proxy. Each Member eligible to vote has only one vote and this is not transferable.

We have 2 nominees for Chairman.

We have 4 nominees for committee with 4 places available
1 for 2 years, 3 for 1 year service.

The nominees for Hon. Secretary, Treasurer and Captain were unopposed therefore there will be no need for a ballot.






Locker Room Upstairs

Hi just a reminder that on Monday the upstairs locker room will be cleared. Any bags, trolly's, shoes, or any other golf equipment left either on top of the lockers or underneath will be collected and held for one week if no one claims the collected items then we will dispose of them.

Thank you





What's On 2nd Nov - Sun 10th Nov

2nd Sa Rugby World Cup Final In The Bar From 8.30 am / Winter League 10.30am

3rd Su Winter League 7.30am- 10.30am /Visiting Party 10.30am 11.15am
Junior Winter league 1.00 - 2.00 Every Sunday / Junior Halloween chipping and putting Comp and Fun in the Clubhouse

4th Mo

5th Tu

6th We Courtesy 10.30am & 10.40am

7th Th

8th Fr

9th Sa Winter League 

10th Su Winter League




Captains Raffle


Membership Raffle.
Win your Membership

Win your membership subscription for next year.
Raffle tickets are available at £5 each and are available from the bar or designated seller.
The prize is transferable should a Life or Honorary Member be fortunate enough to win.
Any monies taken over the amount of the subscription prize will be split between the 2020 Captains Charity projects within the Club.
Good luck




Saturday 2nd November

Rugby World Cup - Final


Clubhouse (Bar) Open from 8.30am. Come and have your Full English Breakfast or Bacon Sandwich and watch the game live.



A message from the Captain

As the competition season is over the temptation to tee off from the 4th before completing the 3rd and the 11th before completing the 10th is coming to the fore. This is not acceptable if it causes any delay whatsoever to the game immediately behind. It is inconsiderate and causes unnecessary delay.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Steve Belchamber.




Club News Friday 25th October 2019

Whats on Sat 26th October - Sun 3rd Nov 2019

26 Sa Clubhouse open at 8.30am for live coverage of England v New Zealand Rugby.
Winter League / Visiting Party 9.30 - 12.00noon (Parent & Child Comp - Cancelled)
27 Su Winter League / Visiting Party 11.00 - 12.00noon
28 Mo
29 Tu
30 We
31 Th Halloween

1 Fr
2 Sa Winter League / Junior Halloween Chipping and putting Comp and Fun in the Clubhouse
3 Su Winter League / Visiting Party 10.30 - 11.20am /Proposed start date for Junior Winter league 1.00 - 2.00 Every Sunday / Christening in clubhouse

Damage to 18th Fairway

Information to members - the damage on the 18th fairway was caused by a tresspasser in a car during the early hours of Sunday 19th Oct 19.

Gents Locker Rooms - Property

Please note on Monday 4th November the Gents Locker Room will be cleared of all items left above, below lockers and on the floor and will be disposed of.




2s Analysis October Midweek Medal

Div 2 H/Cap hole

Les Johnson 15 2@ 14th

Elliott Patterson 15 2@ 7th

Jay Taylor 13 2@ 14th

Rob Mather 13 2@ 14th

Anthony Bell 13 2@ 14th


Mini Survey

Following the members questionnaire one suggestion was to use a series of ‘mini surveys’ to gather members views on specific areas. The results of which will help the committee in decision making. We would like the first survey to be on ‘Catering services’.

Please follow the below link to complete the proposed survey. It's just 4 questions and will take less than one minute to complete

Survey monkey is free, confidential, anonymous and compliant with GDPR




What's On Sat 11th Oct - Sun 20th Oct

12th Sa Bob Pearson Trophy (G) / Junior Comp Academy Course

13th Su Sam Dudley (G) EWGA Medal (L)

14th Mo

15th Tu

16th We

17th Th

18th Fr

19th Sa Junior Captains Prize 1.00-2.00pm

20th Su Visiting Party 10.30am - 10.30am - 11.00am / Junior Monthly Medal 1.00 -2.00pm

Message from Senior Green keeper

A reminder to everyone that work commences on the 5th green on Monday 14th October

**Preferred Lies **

Preferred lies commence on Monday 14th October


Apologies for the amended result to the 3rd div.

T. Metcalf

M Donnelly

K Farrer

October Midweek Medal Results

Division 1
1st G. Hope Net 74
2nd T. Shotton Net 75 bck 9

Division 2
1st R. Parkinson Net 67
2nd P. Henderson Net 69 bck 9 (club rules)

Division 3
1ST M. Donnelly Net 75 bck9
2nd D. Cole Net 75

Presidents Putter Final Result

Congratulations to Lee Hall who beat Kevin Peters in the final on Friday in atrocious weather conditions.
Big thanks to both players for their efforts in getting the final played. Also I would like to thank Danny and the green staff for all their work on the golf course in difficult circumstances.

Monday Open Finals Results

  • 1st T Hardy 37pts W/S
    * 2nd T. Peat 36pts W/S
    * 3rd D. Bingham 35pts Boldon
    * 4th M Osgood 33pts Ramside (Bk9)
    * 5th D McColl 33pts Wickham
    * 6th P. Dorian 31pts W/S (Bk9)




Lost Club
Lost on course Sunday 22nd Sept - Ladies Lynx Light Sandwedge Club.



Invitation Day 28/9/19 - RESULT



1ST Stuart Fraser & Adam Stanley 50 pts
(£50 Voucher Each)

Tied 2nd Gavin Gibbon & Gary Lamb 48 pts
(£32 Voucher Each)

Tied 2nd Steve Belchamber & Dave Sharkey 48 pts
(£32 Voucher Each)

4th Peter Henderson & Peter Holehouse 48 pts
(Golf Balls )

Longest Drive
John Goss (£15 Amazon Voucher)

TWO’s (Received Golf Balls)
Alan Sanders
Dave Jones
Colin Rowell
Steve Belchamber

Lost Club

Lost on course Sunday 22nd Sept - Ladies Lynx Light Sandwedge Club.





What's On Sat 28th Sep - Sun 6th Oct

28th Sa Invitation day 2 (Shotgun Start 9.00am) Course closed till competition complete approx 1.15pm

29th Su Finals Day Tee Reserved from 8-00am - 9.00am & 1-00pm 2-00pm

30th Mo

1st Tu Ladies v Senior Gentlemen 10.00am -11.00am

2nd We

3rd Th Visiting Party 1.30pm - 2.15pm

4th Fr Courtesy 4 Ball 10.30am - 10.40am Visiting Party 1.00pm - 2.00pm

5th Sa Monthly Medal (G) EWGA Medal (L)

6th Su Visiting Party 10.30am - 11.15am / Courtesy 12.00 - 12.40pm/ Junior Caldicott Cup 1.00 - 2.00pm

Westwood Cup - Amended Result.

Joint 1st T. Peat/K. Bradley 46 pts best stableford score
D. Bell/G. Bell +8 best bogey score



Tee Reservation

Sunday 29th September
Finals Day
Tee Reserved from 7.50 - 8.30am & 1-00pm - 1.10pm


Doug Howe Order of Merit

After the September medal the standings are as follows:
With only the October medal to play everyone on the list below is able to win the Doug Howe trophy outright or win a share for first place.

P. Wilson 17 pts
N. Harrison 14
R. Jenkins 13
K. Moore 11
R. Cowan 11
R. Hanby 10
J.Marshall 10
S. OBrien 10
N. Athey 9
P. Athey 9
L. Hall 9
G. Summerside 9
Kevin Todd 9
H. Walton 9
G. Whelan 9
S. Dowell 8
D. Hunter 8
M. Pearson 8
G. Raitt 8
A. Sanders 8
A. Dagg 7
W. Edgar 7
P. Glaister 7
Darren Bell 7

Rob Willis Hon. Secretary




Invitation Day Draw - Saturday 28th September 2019




All players need to be in position for a 9 o'clock start but the first game on 3rd starts at 8.55 please

1st E. Patterson & Guest J. Murphy & Guest
2nd M. Gowland & Guest J. Naisby & Guest
3rd D. Hope & Guest A. Sanders & Guest (1st game)
3rd D. Alexander & Guest I. Huntley & Guest
4th A.Findlay & Guest P. Henderson & Guest
5th Geo Gibbon & Guest Gav Gibbon & Guest
6th S. Porthouse & Guest S. Fraser & Guest
7th A.Coates & Guest W. Watt & Guest
8th D. Goldsmith & Guest P. Baker & Guest
9th A.Williams & Guest G. Summerside & Guest
10th G. Cook & Guest S. Belchamber & Guest
11th E. Thompson & Guest C. Rowell & Guest
12th C. Smith & Guest C. Elves & Guest
13th A.James & Guest B. Rafferty & Guest
14th P. Seward & Guest W. Edgar & Guest
15th I.Smith & Guest N. Harrison & Guest
16th P. Brewster & Guest D. Richardson & Guest
17th G. Fromme & Guest A. Greenhalgh & Guest
18th G. Dunn & Guest J. Napier & Guest




Invitation Day – Saturday 28th September


Tea/coffee and bacon sandwiches will be available between 7.45am and 8.45am

…Format is 4BBB with 90% of a max allowance of 20.
…Please write your guests full name on the card.
…BOTH players scores count on the par 3`s. Should make it interesting !
....Can all 2's be clearly indicated with a circle around the 2.
…Longest drive on 17th.
...Completed and signed score cards are to be handed to Steve Belchamber at the end of your round.

Thanks in anticipation, have a great morning.





What's On 21st Sept - Sun 29th Sept

21st Sa Junior Comp Academy Course / Re arranged Westwood Cup

* 22nd Su Wilkinson Cup (G) Autumn Stableford (L) Junior Comp Academy Course

* 23rd Mo

* 24th Tu Members Open Forum / Clubhouse 7.00pm

* 25th We Visiting Party 2.00 - 2.40pm

* 26th Th Seniors Field Day (H) 10.00-11.00am / Visiting Party 12.00 - 3.00pm

* 27th Fr Visiting Party 1.00 - 2.20pm

* 28th Sa Invitation day 2 (Shotgun Start 9.00am) Course closed till competition complete approx 1.00pm

* 29th Su Finals Day Tee Reserved from 07.50am -11.30 & 12.30pm 1.15pm

New 5th Green
Work will start on the new 5th green on Monday 14th October a temporary green will be in place please give Danny and his team consideration while you are on the course.

Thank You







Entry Deadline - Invitation Day

Invitation Day Saturday 28th September

The DEADLINE for entries for Invitation Day is Sat 21st Sept (no entries will be taken after this date). The Draw will be published on Mon 23rd Sept.

Entry is £18 for you and your guest. This includes a post round meal and prizes.

Bookings CAN ONLY BE MADE VIA THE OFFICE with the FEE PAYABLE ON ENTRY. You will not be able to book a specific tee as this will be allocated by a random draw.(Please put entry fee in an envelope with the members name and guest).





Members Forum and Welcome to Leda Golf

Members Forum - TUESDAY 24th SEPTEMBER

The Members Open Forum will be held on Tuesday 24th of September at 7.00pm in the clubhouse to discuss the Members Survey held earlier this year.

Leda Golf

Wearside Golf Club would like to welcome Marc and his team from Leda Golf. We wish Marc all the very best with his new shop and I would like him to know we give him all our support.

Marc will price match equipment so call in and have a look around the shop.






Message from Competitions & Handicaps Chairman

Members please note..
There are a few issues which are making problems with the running of the competitions:-

1. Can members please ensure they keep their bar card topped up so they have sufficient funds to pay the entry fee.

The system warns you when paying the entry fee if you do not have a balance of £3 or more, this is the time to top up !!

2. There are always some members who do not enter their scores at all or incorrectly. This is often when they have a no return or poor score. This can have an effect on their own handicap or the CSS calculation. It is also important to realise that with stableford adjustments which the computer system applies automatically you can still have a handicap reduction with a poor score or a no return.

3. If you have booked a slot but do not intend to play in the competition please let Martin know so he can mark the booking sheet that you are not in the competition.

4. There are always a number of cards not posted in the competition box even when scores have been entered. This will lead to disqualification if I cannot check the card manually, especially if it is a card that is involved in the winning positions.

5. Failure to fill in your handicap is another oversight that can lead to disqualification.

6. If the marker makes a mistake it must to crossed out and the correct score written clearly in another box and initialled by the marker.

7. Some members make no attempt to calculate stableford points or other scoring systems such as 3 man team events like the Gordon Oliver, whilst this is not a rule of golf it is good etiquette and makes my job easier.

Finally I apologise to the vast percentage of members that comply but as a previous competition secretary pointed out there is a hard core of members who transgress regularly.

Keith Farrer.
Competitions & Handicaps Chairman.



Club News 6/9/19
What's On Sat 7th Sep - Sun 15th Sep

* 9th Mo Monday Open Stableford (G&L) 

* 10th Tu EWGA Medal (L) 9.00–10.00am & 4.15 – 4.30pm 

* 11th We Midweek Medal (G) 

* 12 Th Seniors v B Auckland (H) 10.00 - 11.00am / VP 11.00am - 11.20am 

* 13th Fr Visiting Party 10.00 - 10.20am 

* 14th Sa Monthly Medal (G) Wearside Cup (L) 

* 15th Su Visiting Party 11.00-11.30am / Arthur Nixon Salver Mixed 11.45am 
* Junior Monthly Medal 1.30 - 2.30pm

Parking Bays
Members are reminded to please not park in the allocated parking bays at any time.

Thank You


Club News Friday 30th Aug 19

Whats on Sat 31st Aug - Sun 8th Sept 19

31 Sat Harold Gregg (G)

1 Su Monument 125 Trophy

2 Mo

3 Tu EWGA Medal (L) 9.00–10.00am & 4.15 – 4.30pm

4 We Visiting Party 10.30-11.00am / Past Captains 12.30 - 1.00pm

5 Th

6 Fr Visiting Party 1.00 - 3.00pm

7 Sa Visiting Party 10.30 - 11.30am / Junior Carol Dudley Cup 1.30 - 2.30pm / Wedding in clubhouse

8 Su Gordon Oliver Trophy (G) Hunter Cup (L)

Course Update

The greens renovation programme is now complete.

The greens will be slow and uneven for approximately 7 to 14 days.

Thank you for your patience.


Friday 13th September 2019


My Captain's trip will be to Newbiggin Golf Club on Friday 13th September 2019

The format will be as follows: -

Bacon sandwich on arrival
18 holes of golf
Two course meal on completion.
Tee-off time is confirmed between 1:00pm-2:00pm

Cost will be £30 per head. This includes golf, catering and prizes.

I will need to confirm definite numbers prior to the day but would appreciate confirmation of who intends to play.

Please note there is a list for names on the Captains Board.

Many thanks

What's On Sat 24th to Sun 1st Sep 2019

24th Sa Gents 4 Man Team Open 7-30am – 2.30pm 

25th Su RNLI Spoons (G) Morton Cup (L) / Christening Clubhouse 

26th Mo August Bank Holiday 

27th Tu Hollow Tinning / Course Closed until 12-00 noon 

28th We Hollow Tinning / Course Closed until 12-00 noon 

29th Th Hollow Tinning / Course Closed until 12-00 noon 

30th Fr Hollow Tinning / Course Closed until 12-00 noon 

31st Sa Harold Gregg (G) 

1st Su Monument Trophy (G+L)


What's On Sat 17th Aug - Sun 25th Aug

* 17th Sa 

* 18th Su Mixed Foursomes Medal Time 11.45am - 12.45pm 

* 19th Mo Masterkey 9.30am 4 Ball / Visiting Party 10.30am - 11.00am 

* 20th Tu The Palmer Bowl (L) 9.00–10.00am & 4.15 – 4.30pm / Visiting Party 10.30am - 11.10am 

* 21st We DC 10.50am - 11.00am 

* 22nd Th 

* 23rd Fr Visiting Party 2.00pm - 2-30pm 

* 24th Sa Gents 4 Man Team Open 7-30am - 5-00pm 

* 25th Su RNLI Spoons (G) Morton Cup (L) / Christening Clubhouse

Trolley Shed

Please note we will be tiding the trolley shed tomorrow from 11.00am and any broken and unidentified trolleys will be disposed of.



Trip To Foxton Hall

Hi Rob,

Could you please send this out to members. Trip to Foxton Golf Club Alnmouth 19th/20th Aug. 2 rounds Golf 1 night dinner bed and breakfast £90. Booked for 8 and due to commitments only got 4 so 4 places availabe, if interested please contact John Atkinson on 01915140571 or 07842711162. Regards John Atkinson.

John Atkinson






Message From the Captain

Hi Rob

Would you kindly copy and paste the following script to this week's newsletter and my Captains report please?

It's been an eventful couple of weeks for the Gents playing section of the club.
In the Durham County three man team event at Heworth on the 2nd of August the club was represented by David Vest, Stuart Nixon, and Martin Palmer. They put in an admirable performance in finishing in fourth place with all three having excellent scores over thirty six holes. Congratulations to the lads, a great team effort.
Secondly, in the annual Triangular match between ourselves, Seaham and Houghton, our twelve men averaged 34.5 stableford points per man to win the trophy by 13 points from Houghton who were this year's hosts. Another great team effort, well done gents!
Last, and by no means least, a great overall season's efforts by the gents team in the North Durham league division two has seen the team promoted to division one. A great achievement for each and every one of the lads who have represented the club with great sportsmanship over the season. Congratulations gents, you are a credit to the club.


Doug Howe Order of Merit

Standings of leaders after August monthly medal

P.Wilson 17
N.Harrison 14
D.Taylor 14
R.Jenkins 13
R. Cowan 11
P. Dorian 10
R. Hanby 10
L.Hall 9
K.Todd 9
P. Athey 9
G. Summerside 9
N. Athey 9
G. Raitt 8
D.Hunter 8
S. Dowell 8
A.Sanders 8
H.Walton 8
D.G.Bell 7
P. Glaister 7
W.Edgar 7





Club New's Friday 02/08/19

What's On Sat 3rd Aug - Sun 11th Aug 19

  • 3rd Sa Oesophagoose Charity Open 8.00 - 2.30pm / Junior Comp Academy Course 

    * 4th Su Monthly Medal (G) Forster Cup (L) 

    * 5th Mo Monday Open Stableford (G+L) 

    * 6th Tu Ladies Exchange Day with Stockfield 10.30 - 12.15pm 
    * Courtesy 2 x 4 ball 10.15am - 10.30 York GC / Gents Team V Hobson 4.30 - 6.00pm 

    * 7th We Midweek Medal (G) 

    * 8th Thu Seniors v Whitburn (H) 10.00 - 11.00am 

    * 9 Fr 

    * 10 Sa Ladies 4 BBB Open Times 9.45am - 12-45pm 

    * 11th Su Gordon Oliver Trophy (G) Hunter Cup (L)

Message From The Secretary

Trolley Shed.
The trolley shed will be cleared of all broken trolleys next week so could all members please make sure that their trolleys are clearly marked with their name on and are secured in the racks. Mistakes cannot be rectified.

Trolleys left in the trolley shed are at the owners own risk Wearside Golf Club cannot be held responsible for any damage or mistakes.

Also if any member has clubs or travel bags or any golfing equipment in the old pro shop /office could they please kindly collect them as Leda Golf will be taking over the shop on the 15th of September and we need to clear the shop out.

Thank You

Competition News

Additions to diary
Saturday 31st August Harold Gregg
Saturday 21st September Westwood Cup

Leaderboard for Doug Howe Order of Merit
N.Harrison/D.Taylor 14 pts
R.Cowan 11pts
P.Dorian 10pts
K.Todd,R.Jenkins,G.Summerside 9pts
G.Raitt,D.Hunter,S.Dowell,A.Sanders 8pts

Points awarded for the best 10 scores in monthly medals. 10 for best down to 1 for the 10th best.

K Farrer
Handicap Secretary





Club News Fri 26/07/19

What''s On Sat 27th July 19 - Sun 4th Aug 19
What's On 
* 27th Sat 2nd/3rd Div & Senior Nett Championship / Wedding in Practice Ground.

* 28th Sun Club Championship 8.00-10.00am and 1.00-3.00pm

* 29th Mo Durham County Juniors 9.15- 10-30am – 1.30pm - 2.30pm 

* 30th Tu EWGA Medal (L) 9.00–10.00am & 4.15–4.30pm ( Robson Shield Bronze Players) 

* 31st We 

* 1 Th Visiting Party 12 Golfers 11.00am - 11.40am

* 2 Fr Ladies A Team 1.20 -2.30pm /Junior Monthly Medal 4.45 - 5.45pm 

* 3 Sa Oesophagoose Charity Open / Junior Comp Academy Course 

* 4 Su Monthly Medal (G) Forster Cup (L)

Message From Senior Greenkeeper
Due to the extreme heat and excessive rainfall over the past few weeks it is necessary to micro - tine the greens to relieve stress. This will commence on Monday 29th July and will cause minimal disruption.





Club Championship Rd1
Time Player 1 Player 2 Player 3

08:00 Paul Carroll (9c) Timothy Shotton (9c) Available
08:08 Ben Graham (9c) Paul Lee Pollard (9c) Available
08:16 John-Paul Calvert (9c) David Brown (9c) Chris Craig (9c)
08:24 Anthony Hardy (7c) Ken Bradley (8c) Malcolm Bosanko (8c)
08:32 Paul Mccomb (7c) Chris Whitehill (7c) Stephen Cook (7c)
08:40 David Hugh Smith (6c) Gary Dobinson (6c) Sean Kevin Donkin (7c)
08:48 Trevor Peat (5c) Clifford Alan Terris (5c) John Napier (6c)
08:56 Alan Sanders (5c) Dean Taylor (5c) Stuart James Conway (5c)
09:04 Howard Walton (3c) Matthew Watson (2c) Neil Harrison (5c)
09:12 Stuart Nixon (1c) Duran Gun (1c AWAY) Daniel Hair (2c)
09:20 David Vest (1c) R Walker (0c) Michael Calvert (2c)


Club Championship Round 2
.Time Player Player Player
1st Tee 
13:15 Paul Carroll (9c) Timothy Shotton (9c) 
13:23 Ben Graham (9c) Paul Lee Pollard (9c) 
13:31 John-Paul Calvert (9c) David Brown (9c) Chris Craig (9c)
13:39 Anthony Hardy (7c ) Ken Bradley (8c) Malcolm Bosanko (8c)
13:47 Paul Mccomb (7c) Chris Whitehill (7c) Stephen Cook (7c)
13:55 David Hugh Smith (6c) Gary Dobinson (6c) Sean Kevin Donkin (7c)
14:03 Trevor Peat (5c) Clifford Alan Terris (5c) John Napier (6c)
14:11 Alan Sanders (5c) Dean Taylor (5c) Stuart James Conway (5c)
14:19 Howard Walton (3c) Matthew Watson (2c) Neil Harrison (5c)
14:27 Stuart Nixon (1c) Duran Gun (1c AWAY) Daniel Hair (2c)
14:35 David Vest (1c) R Walker (0c ) Michael Calvert (2c)





Courtesy Tee Times For Monday 29th July


Good afternoon the Durham County Juniors will be here on Monday July 29th please see the list of courtesy four balls from other clubs on the Secretary's noticeboard. This will be posted at 4pm on Wednesday 24th July.

With kind regards 





Tel Number



Teeside G C

1 x 4 Ball


01642 673822


Prudhoe G C

2 x 4 Balls

11.20am – 11.30pm

01661 832466


Ravens worth G C

1x Ball

Phone  Club



Darlington G C

3 x 4 balls

11.08- 11.16, & 11,20

01325 484198



2 x 4 balls

12.00 & 12.10




1x 4 Ball






1st G. Flaxton / C. Terris          46 pts

2nd A. Sanders / P. Craig         45 pts

3rd M. Bosanko / D. Taylor      45 pts

4th M. Bowman / S. Woods     45 pts

5th J.P Calvert / T. Clinton       44 pts


Thank you to all who attended




Junior Update

  • Hi Everyone,

    It’s been a while since I sent an update to the club to explain how our juniors and the junior section as a whole is progressing and so I thought it best to get in touch as we have loads going on. Apologies for the chapter and verse, hopefully it’s worth reading…!

    Development Pathway to Increase Adult Membership

    We are working hard with Wearside GC, England Golf and the Golf Foundation to create a development pathway within the club for all junior members, with the expectation that this will help us grow our adult membership:

    Par 3 Competitions

    The pathway starts with players as young as 5 years old. Following coaching on a Saturday morning with Kevin Jackson we run monthly par 3 competitions on our academy course are proving to be a great success.

    Club Blue Tee Competitions

    Having demonstrated competency on the academy course junior players are then encouraged to take part in our 9 hole blue tee competitions – 18 club competitions per year

    ** Golf Sixes Durham League**

    Wearside have a team in the Durham Golf Sixes League. This is a blue tee competition over six holes in a pairs texas scramble format. It’s proving to be a huge success. Wearside currently lie third in the league

    County Durham Blue Tee League

    Similar to the golf sixes but a little further advanced, this is a newly formed league in Durham where juniors play matchplay format in single matches over six holes. To date we have only played one game but we managed convincingly beat Houghton on their turf. More importantly, the juniors loved it! It’s a great introduction to junior team golf. 

    ** Junior Team Proper**

    We are a very young junior section but we have had a couple of friendly matches this year at Heworth and at Wearside where the juniors have competed in junior matches proper. 18 hole matchplay off white and red tees. Max handicap 28 boys and 36 for the girls. Nevertheless, we have done ourselves proud, losing closely at Heworth 3.5 to 2.5 and subsequently at Wearside against a combined Heworth & Ravensworth team, where we won 5 to 2. We aim to have more friendlies this year with a view to pulling a team together next year if we have sufficient numbers on a weekly basis. There is nothing like witnessing a 10-year-old beating an older teenager in matchplay format. Fantastic! Our juniors are really developing their skills and it is great to see.

    We are hoping that by creating the opportunities to enjoy and develop their golf that they develop an affinity with the club and ultimately our active membership will increase. Our active playing junior membership has doubled over the course of the last year. We have approx. 10 players age 9 -14 who now have Congu handicaps ranging from 23- 45. Just as important are our regular blue tee players and again we have seen growth in the numbers. We now have 14 players who actively play in the blue tee competitions. Great news.

    Individual Successes

    Several of our juniors have had great results this year:

    · Congratulations to Millie Hixon for qualifying for the final of the British Masters at Close House, being later this year. We also wish Millie the best of luck when she travels to Pinehurst USA, to play in the US Kids World Championships next week

    · We have five juniors re-enrolled into the Durham County Coaching programme this year and they continue to develop their skills. Congratulations to:

    o Jack Pennal, Age 14 Congu handicap 30

    o Elliot Moon Age 10 and Congu handicap 30

    o Alex Gordon Age 9 Congu handicap 28

    o Millie Hixon Age 9 and Congu handicap 23

    o Oscar Hancill Age 10 and Congu handicap 26

    · We have 11 juniors playing in the Northern Junior Golf Tour this year, competing in the order of merit in hope to represent Durham in the final event in September at Foxton Hall against teams from Yorkshire, Cumbria and Northumberland. Congratulations to them all!

    o Oscar Hancill has already qualified for the final and currently leads the order of merit in his category. Additionally several of our juniors have an opportunity still to qualify, with one event to go. Best of luck to Eddie Bergenstjerna, Emily Holgate, Millie Hixon, Sam Elves, Evan Oliver and David Holgate (our Captain elect)

    If anyone would like more info regarding the events the juniors are playing in, please feel free to get in touch.


    Steve Hancill

    Junior Organiser



What's On Sat 20th - Sun 28th July

  • 20 Sa Robson Shield Final 7.45-8.30am & 12.45 - 1-30 Tee reserved

    * 21 Su Monthly Medal (G) EWGA Medal (L) 

    * 22nd Mo 

    * 23rd Tu McMillian Nurses (L) 9.00–10.00am & 4.15–4.30pm 
    * D C Seniors 10.30 -11.00am 
    * Gents Team v South Moor 4.30 - 6.00pm (H) 

    * 24th We 1892 Club 10.30am - 10.40am / D.C Courtesy 10.50 - 11.10am
    * Ladies A Team v Wynyard (H) 11.45am 1.15pm

    * 25th Th Midweek Stableford 7.10am - 5.00pm 

    * 26th Fr 

    * 27th Sa 2nd + 3rd Div. & Senior Nett C/ship / Donavan Cup Rd 1 (L) / Wedding Function 

    * 28th Su Club Championship / Donavan Cup Rd 2 (L)

Club Championship

The list is on the Captains Board for anyone with handicap 9 or below who with to enter.


Revised draw for the finals day:



8.00am A. Sanders v N.Harrison

8.10am M. Hopps v Dean Taylor



 8.20am M. Goodhall v Martin Hopps

 8.30am R. Girdwood v B.Dewar

The first tee is booked from 1.00pm to 1.20pm for the two finals.

The net games will be played off the same handicaps of the original rounds from the 19th May. Strokes conceded will  the full difference of the handicap allowances.





Sat 13th - Sun 21st July 2019

13th Sa Gents 4BBB Open (Numerous slots in afternoon - check with office)

* 14th Su Palm Beach Trophy (G) EWGA Medal (L) 

* 15th Mo Durham County Seniors League Match v Cumbria 10.00 -11.00 & 1.30 - 2.45pm 

* 16th Tu Speed Salver (L) 9.00–10.00am & 4.15–4.30pm / 11.00am 1892 Tee Time 

* 17th We Midweek Medal (G) 

* 18th Th Richmond Courtesy. 9.45am x 4 golfers /Senior team v HLS 10.00-11.00am 
Junior Team Match 5.15pm - 6.15pm 

* 19th Fr Sponsors Day 1.00 - 3.30pm 
Junior Monthly Medal 4.45 - 5.45pm 

* 20th Sa Robson Shield Final 8.00-8.30am and 1.00-1.30pm / D. County courtesy 12.20 - 12.40pm

* 21st Su Monthly Medal (G) EWGA Medal (L)

Club Championship

The List for the club championship is now on the Captains notice board for players of 9 or less are invited to enter. The draw will be posted on the computer on the 25th of July.










John Atkinson is Desperate for 3 players 16 handicap or over to play in above . Starting times from 11 am. If you are interested please contact John on 07842711162. 

Thank You





Vaux Cup 2's 

14 two's at £8.61 each




J.Young 1265













Rob Willis Hon. Secretary






What's On Sat 6th - Sun 14th July

  • 6th Sa Junior Colonel Wright Salver 1.30 - 2.30pm / Visiting Party 10.45 -11-15am // Junior Super Six's Starting at 3.00pm Playing Holes 3,4,5,6,8,9 this a big event for our Juniors so please give them our support thank you. / Birthday Party Clubhouse 7.00pm 

    * 7th Su Vaux Cup (G) Jack Dawson Memorial (L) Sponsored by Wilson Elliott Training 
    Tee Reserved 15-04pm – 15-21pm Titleist Matchplay 4 Ball 

    * 8th Mo 

    * 9th Tu EWGA Medal (L) 9.00–10.00am & 4.15–4.30pm 
    Ladies Sivewright v George Washington (H) 1.30pm Tee Reserved DC Senior Courtesy Match

    * 10th We Durham Alliance 9.30-1.30pm Durham Courtesy 3.30pm 1 x 4 ball 

    * 11th Th Seniors v Beamish (H) 10.00-11.00am / Ladies A Team v Wynyard (H) 1.30pm / 
    Visiting Party 12 golfers 12.00 - 12.30pm (7Keys) TCB + Chips 

    * 12th Fr D.C Courtesy 11.30am 11.40am 

    * 13th Sa Gents 4BBB Open All Day 

    * 14th Su Palm Beach Trophy (G) EWGA Medal (L)





Invitation Day


Saturday 17th August

An opportunity to invite a guest and showcase our course in sparkling condition.

This will be a 8:30 am shotgun start as has been in previous years. This is in response to many members saying they enjoyed this format and that the competition was concluded on the day and prizes awarded on the spot.

Booking will be made via howdidido.com. You will not be able to book a specific tee as this will be allocated by a random draw nearer the time.

Entry will be £18 for you and your guest. This includes a post round meal and prizes.

As there are limited places, booking will be made available tonight...earlier than for usual Club competitions.




Club News 28/06/19

What's On Sat 29th June - Sun 7th July

  • 29th Sa Handicap Bowl 1st Round 

    * 30th Su Handicap Bowl 2nd Round

    * 1st Mo Monday Open Stableford (G+L) 

    * 2nd Tu Thompson Cup (L) 9.00–10.00am & 4.15–4.30pm /Gents Team v Crook 4.30-6.00pm
    Tyneside v Seniors (A) 12.15-13.16pm 1.30pm Visiting Party 10 golfers 

    * 3rd We Midweek Invitation Day / Cancelled 

    * 4 Th Senior Men’s Texas Scramble Open / Junior Team Match v Heworth 5-6pm 

    * 5 Fr Diamond Charity Golf Day (9.30am - 12.30pm) 

    * 6 Sa Junior Colonel Wright Salver 1.30 - 2.30pm / Visiting Party 10.45 -11-15am / Junior Super Six's Starting at 3.00pm Playing Holes 3,4,5,6,8,9 this a big event for our Juniors so please give them our support thank you/Birthday Party Clubhouse 7.00pm

    * 7 Su Vaux Cup (G) Jack Dawson Memorial (L) Sponsored by Wilson Elliott Training 
    Tee Reserved 15-04pm – 15-21pm Titlest Matchplay 4 Ball

Message From the Captain

I would like to thank everyone involved for making my Captain's Weekend such a memorable part of my captaincy.

We were assisted greatly by the fine weather which, in itself, is a rarity!

The charity raffle raised £690 over the weekend plus, the very generous donations donated to my charity bottle. I can't thank everyone enough for your contributions to a great cause.

Best wishes to you all for the rest of the season and thanks again for making it such a successful event. 

Best wishes

Trolley Store

We will be emptying the trolley store of scrap trolleys at the end of July if you have a trolleys in the store the please make sure you have it on the racks and it is secured and your trolley is marked with your name.
Please check the scrap heap to make sure that none of trolleys on the pile are yours otherwise it may be put into the skip by mistake.

All trolleys are left in the store at the owners own risk Wearside Golf Club do not accept any responsibility for any damage or theft.

Hon Secretary





White 471-475
Mizuno Golf Bag
G. Parker
Blue & White 166-170
Taylormade Golf Balls
P. Athey

Pink 431-435
Golf Shirt Polo Top
F. Patterson

Blue 746-750
Titleist Golf Cap
G. Whiteley

Pink/White 51-55
Taylormade Golf Cap
P. Butterworth

Blue 721-725
Gordons Gin
D. Williams

Orange/White 401-405
Pink Gin
P. Curry

Green/White 51-55
Gin Miniatures
D. Kerr

Pink/White 65-70
Pinot Grigio
G. McCluskey

Green/White 6 – 10
P. Seward

White/Blue 51-55
Cabernet Sauvignon
D. Roberts

White/Blue 436-440
D. Wright

White/Green 491-495
S. Cook

Grey 891-895
P. Storey

White/Green 366-370

White/Green 621-625
Gin Liquer
D. Hope

White/Pink 286-290
4 Ball Voucher – Dinsdale
C. Powell

White/Green 341-345
4 Ball Voucher - Seaham
R. Brown.




Club News 22nd June

What's On Sat 22nd - Sun 30th June

* 22 Sa Captains Weekend / Junior Comp TBC 

* 23 Su Captains Weekend / Junior Comp TBC 

* 24 Mo Durham County Courtesy 12.30 - 12.50pm 

* 25 Tu Harry Wardle Trophy (L) 9.00-10.00am & 4.15 – 4.30pm 

* 26 We Durham County Courtesy 10.50am - 11.00am / 5 Man Team Match tee reserved from 4.15pm

* 27 Th DCLGA Courtesy 12.30 - 12.50 / Par 3 Juniors Acadamy Course 8.30 - 3.00pm

* 28 Fr Visiting Party 1.00pm - 2-00pm 
* Junior Monthly Medal 4.45 - 5.45pm

* 29 Sa Handicap Bowl 1st Round 

* 30 Su Handicap Bowl 2nd Round


Captains Weekend Bar Hours

* Saturday Last Orders 10.30pm bar closes 11.00pm

* Sunday Last orders 9.30pm Bar Closes 10.00pm


Green Staff

Members are reminded to please give way to greenstaff on the course.


Club News 14/06/19

Captain's Charity 4 Ball Vouchers - £20

The Captain has a number of SEALED envelopes containing 4 Ball Vouchers for various golf courses.
He is selling each 4 Ball Voucher for £20 for his charity. 

If you are interested please call into the office.

Members Survey - Champagne Draw

Congratulations of Linda Lowes who is the lucky winner of the Members Survey Champagne Draw. 
Please collect from office.

What's On 15/06/19 - Sun 23/06/19

  • 15 Sa Monthly Medal (G) EWGA Medal (L) 

    * 16 Su 

    * 17 Mon D.C Seniors Summer Members Meeting 9.00 - 3.00pm / Super Six’s Acadamy Course 12.00 noon - 3.30pm 

    * 18 Tu Jopling Cup (L) 9.00-10.00am & 4.15 – 4.30pm 

    * 19 We Midweek Medal (G) 

    * 20 Th Seniors v South Shields (H) 10.00-11.00am 

    * 21 Fr Captains Weekend 

    * 22 * Sa Captains Weekend / Junior Comp TBC 

    * 23 Su Captains Weekend / Junior Comp TBC


Wearside Golf Club Club News

Raffle Results D Day Celebrations

177.       S Downs

221.       M. Fisher

200.       L. Johnson

195.       T. Willis

226.       W. Watt

206.       R. Aslett

175        D.H. Smith Chocolates

Club News

Whats On Sat 8th June - Sat 16th June

  • 8th Sa Westwood Cup (G) Summer Stableford (L) Sponsored by Desco 

    * 9th Su Visiting Party 11.00 - 12.00noon / Junior Handicap Shield 2.15pm - 3.00pm 
    * Junior Super Six’s Main Course 3.00pm playing Holes 3,4,5,6,8,9, 

    * 10th Mo Sivewright v Hodson (H) 1.20pm - 2.30pm 

    * 11th Tu Bermuda Trophy (L) 9.00-10.00am & 4.15–4.30pm Gents Team v Consett 4.30-6.00pm (H) 

    * 12th We Visiting Party 1.00pm - 2.30pm 

    * 13th Th Durham County Ladies Veterans 9.30am - 2.30pm / 5man team ko tee reserved from 4.15pm

    * 14th Fr 

    * 15th Sa Monthly Medal (G) EWGA Medal (L) 

    * 16th Su

Re Bar % on Bar Card

To All Members 

We the committee would like to apologise for an email which was sent out In March, we mistakenly stated that all members will be receiving an increase on their discount card. Currant finances point us to the fact that this discount must be reviewed more thoroughly and will reach a decision ASAP as to whether it can go ahead or not.

The Committee

Senior Men's 4 Man Team Open Results

* 1st. B. Gill. D. McGuiness. K. Clark. P Roberts. (Teeside) 118 Pts £200

* 2nd. A. Sanders. D. Sanders. P. Henderson. M. Bosanko. W/side 118 pts £100

* 3r.d. M. Salsby. D. Marshall. S. Lynch. K. Pilkington Ravensworth 118 pts £60 

* 4th. K. Fearn. J. Casey. L. Pringle. J. Smiles W/side 116 pts £40



What's On Sat 1st June - Sunday 9th June

* 1st Sa Invitation Day (1) 

* 2nd Su Lady Captain’s Day 11-45am - 1-30pm Dc Courtesy 10.30am - 10.40am

* 3rd Mo Open Stableford (G+L) 

* 4th Tu Pat Code Trophy (L) 9.00-10.00am & 4.15 – 4 – 30pm 
* Visiting Party 2.00 pm - 3.00pm

* 5th We Ladies Sivewright v CLS (H) 1.20pm - 2-30pm / Visiting Party 11.30am - 12.10pm 

* 6th Th Senior 4 Man Team Open 7.30am

* 7th Fr D Day Medal 7.30-5.30 pm 

* 8th Sa Westwood Cup (G) Summer Stableford (L) 

* 9th Su Visiting Party 11.00 - 12.00 noon / Junior Handicap Shield 1.30 - 2.30pm 
* Junior Super Six’s Academy Course



What's On Sat 24/05/19 - Sun 02/06/19

* 25 Sa Presidents Putter(G) Gordon Farrow Putter (L) 

* 26 Su Walter Bryant (G) EWGA Medal (L) 

* 27 Mo Spring Bank Holiday Visiting Party 11.00am - 11.40am 

* 28 Tu Harvey Craig Salver(L) 9.00– 10.00 & 4.15 - 4.30pm 

* Gents Team v Heworth 4.30-6.00pm (H) 

* 29 We Ladies A Team v Billingham (H) 1.20pm 2.30pm 

* 30 Th Visiting Party 10.00 - 11.00pm 

* 31 Fr Visiting Party 10.30am - 12.00noon Approx. 30 Golfers 

* 1 Sa Invitation Day (1) 

* 2 Su Ladies Captains Day